A Pennsylvania sunrise

I love learning about and seeing the countryside from all over our great nation.  A Pinterest friend of mine has graciously shared wonderful pictures from his “neck of the woods”….the Grampian area of Clearfield County in North/Central Pennsylvania.  Tim Butler has taken awesome pictures from his country walks and has given me permission to post his pictures here on our blog.  This particular picture is so surreal and shows the serenity of God’s Glory.


Pennsylvania countryside,#1

Another school year!


I don’t know about you, but I both dread and rejoice when school starts.  Our youngest son, Connor, started on Monday and you can tell it’s taking time to readjust.  We had a meeting with his counselor and Principal last week, before school started and found out that he is only one credit shy of being a Senior!!!!  Since his school is self-paced, if he applies himself, he can actually graduate in December!  This mom is happy, but also in a state of shock.  Our “baby” graduating!  I’m sooooo not ready for that…..very much.  He’s in driver’s ed., just got his learner’s permit last week….see where THIS is going?!  Oh…did I mention he started his first job.  MY BABY!!!!!  I’m so very proud of him as I am all of our children!

To all of you Moms and Dads and Grandparents….cherish every single day with your children.  Never take a day for granted, even the bad ones.  One day you’re coming home from the hospital with that bundle of joy….blink….that bundle is spreading their wings to step out into the world to make THEIR mark!

Long hot summer

Summer in Texas can be brutal, but we were granted a reprieve!  We have been reaping a wonderful wet harvest, at least in our area!  Our prayers go to those in Louisiana that are enduring catastrophic flooding.

Of course, with all of the rain, it curtails our mowing efforts!  Our little farm looks like swamp land, but oh, is it lush looking!  As soon as it dries up enough that I can hop on the ole John Deere, I’ll be “Old McNixon had a farm…E I E I OOOOOOO!”

Who cares!?  I don’t.  I love sitting on my John Deere and zenning out.  The temps are down and bearable.  Yep….I’m looking forward to Autumn!