Allow me to introduce myself!

Me again

Hi! I’m Deb…wife, mom, MiMi. My calling is a police officer, writing is my passion. I’m a countrified city girl, married to my countrified city boy husband, Randy. We live in the country with our youngest son and love the simple life. Join us on our journey through fields and back roads. Kick your shoes off and sit a spell….we’re all neighbors out here!

We’re from the country and we LOVE it that way!

Don’t think just because we live away from civilization, we don’t venture forth, or have fun where we’re at.  From horseback riding, to firing up the Beast (our smoker) and hootin’ and hollerin’…have I mentioned camping, fishing and hunting?

Making the most of where you live gives you an appreciation of life as it pertains to each of us.  Secluded living is definitely not for all, nor for the faint of heart.  We deal with the same issues that many city folks deal with, but I like to think that when you learn to become a little more self sufficient, you come to realize just how much you can do, and what accomplishments you feel.  Living in the country doesn’t mean everything is denim and ropes either!  I love setting my table with crystal, silver and good china.  My parlor has Persian rugs on the floor and tapestry on the walls.  It’s a combination of modern and antiques that is uniquely each of us.