Happy 60th Anniversary!


mom-and-dads-wedding I love you!  Happy Anniversary!

First off, I want to wish my Mom and Dad a happy 60th wedding anniversary.  We lost Daddy on April 5 this year, so it’s been very tough.  But, his spirit is alive and well and we carry him in our hearts!

I love waking up….even in the middle of the night…to the sound of rain, don’t you?  Of course, being blasted out of bed with a clap of thunder and feeling you’re going to be fried by a bolt of lightening in the middle of the night is not the same thing.  That happened this morning, so here I am, on my third cup of coffee…on my day off.  That part of it bites!

I’m not one to complain though.  I just feel it’s God saying, “Deb, it’s MY turn to have your undivided attention”.  He’s got it!  It’s a perfect time to meditate, pray and just marvel of the wonders of life.  Then the alarm goes off and time to get the guys up, and I’m jolted back to the day.

I do want to comment on my new header.  I took this picture on Halloween morning at about 7 a.m.  It was foggy and very surreal.  When I downloaded the picture and saw the Stop Sign with the reflective tape on it in the shape of a cross, I just felt compelled to share.  Have a day!

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