Good morning!


Angels in the Sky

I got up super early this Sunday morning….I usually do.  There is something so special about the early morning hours, when it truly feels the world is at peace.  Being a very spiritual person, I am always open to those “signs” that are sent to us, just to remind us that every day is a blessing, no matter what trials you may be going through.  It’s so important to take the bricks and stones that Life throws at you, to build a rock solid path, that you are set on in this world.  Consider those boulders that seem to be blocking your way to be great stepping stones to climb to a higher calling.

american-sunrise(photo courtesy of Tim Butler)


Hi! I'm Deb...wife, mom, MiMi. My calling is a police officer, writing is my passion. I'm a countrified city girl, married to my countrified city boy husband, Randy. We live in the country with our youngest son and love the simple life. Join us on our journey through fields and back roads. Kick your shoes off and sit a spell....we're all neighbors out here!

6 thoughts on “Good morning!”

  1. Good morning Deb!!

    Love that pic of yours!!! It is amazing how there can be signs if you just take the time to look or listen. God can speak to us in so many ways.

    Thanks for posting my pic of the flag; that is one of my favorites!!

    Have a great day!!


  2. Deb,

    I have some more to send, I just have to find time. Maybe when I get back from my trip. Of course, then I’ll have even more to send. Haha!!

    Keep up the good work here!!


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