A Tribute To Those Lost on 9-11



Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?  I do!  I was on patrol, on the High School campus where I was a School Resource Officer (SRO).  It was a perfectly beautiful day, here in Texas.  A fellow officer drove up to me and asked if I heard about the plane crash in New York, hitting the World Trade Center.  I hadn’t heard yet, but thinking of how the Empire State Building had been hit before by small aircraft, I was thinking that this might be the case.

I then started receiving radio calls of the first crash…then the second.  I immediately notified the district’s Superintendent, who had his TV on.  We notified all campuses to be on alert, since no one in the entire nation truly knew what was going on.  I went to my office to make phone calls to see if I could get more information.  My friend, Linda, had her TV on in her class across the hall, where we watched what was taking place.

Though my heart broke for all of the tragedies that were taking place…North Tower, South Tower, the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, a resurgence of national pride and righteous anger took place.  This day will forever be ingrained in the memories of those of us that witnessed it, whether on TV or at any of the sites.  Never again will we respond in the same way to hijackings.   I encourage everyone to be prepared, educate yourself and never for a moment, take our country for granted nor delude yourselves that it won’t happen again.

I laud the First Responders of every entity, our military and all of those civilian heroes that did everything they could those dark days.  Every First Responder…past, present and future….will be effected in the way we respond and prepare for the day we will be attacked again. Take the time to say “Thank you” to any you see…they are the Thin Line, whatever the color, that stands between you and our enemies.

I, for one, Have Your Six!  God Bless America!

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Hi! I'm Deb...wife, mom, MiMi. My calling is a police officer, writing is my passion. I'm a countrified city girl, married to my countrified city boy husband, Randy. We live in the country with our youngest son and love the simple life. Join us on our journey through fields and back roads. Kick your shoes off and sit a spell....we're all neighbors out here!

3 thoughts on “A Tribute To Those Lost on 9-11”

  1. I was working for a local police department at the time and my best friend and midnight partner’s wife called to see if I saw what was going on. She told me and I turned the TV on just in time to see the second plane hit the second Tower. Shortly after that, the station called to advise that we were on high alert and to be ready to come in to work. I remember going in to work later that day and we were all on pins and needles for the next couple of days.

    I was already on the list and scheduled to go to the State Police for the first class at the beginning of the next year, however a couple days after 9/11, they called to see if I could go to their next class starting on 10/01. I said you bet! I told my Chief and started the Academy on 10/01. They had to fill some slots due to members of the National Guard and Reserves being called up, so I got to go a class earlier than I was supposed to.

    It was some years later that I learned one of my college friends and football teammates died in one of the Towers. I still remember all the good times Rob and will never forget you. Rest in peace brother.

    This day is definitely one I will never forget!

    1. Tim,
      Thank you for your tribute! I’m so very sorry for the loss of your friend, Rob. That hits home for me because our middle son’s name is Rob and he served in the military. Those days did change life for us all, especially those of us in law enforcement, firefighters, medical and the military. I also commend those “behind the scenes” people…dispatchers, utility workers, Red Cross, city management personnel. I guess I could go on and on about who all made a sacrifice. It definitely reminds us to never take anyone for granted!

      Like I said…here from Texas….I have your Six!


      1. I remember the sense of pride in our country and appreciation for first responders after that. It is so sad and disheartening how far away from that we are today.

        You got it right when you mentioned all first responders and the many people and agencies behind the scenes. There are so many that helped then and help today that don’t get the recognition they deserve, even if they don’t want it. Like you Deb, I will always have their backs!


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